"Bridging Communities Through Inclusive Bike Rides" -Slow Roll Cleveland

Born in detroit

Slow Roll is a mass happening, a leisurely paced parade of bikes through the nooks and corners of the urban environment.

Our 10-mile rides each Monday night throughout the warmer months are open to riders of all ages and experience levels. We’re fully supported by Slow Roll’s one and only Squad: a crack unit of yellow-shirted volunteers who keep the ride safe and running smoothly each week.

Born in Detroit in 2010, Slow Roll captured the imagination of a city known for engines, not pedals, swelling to a staggering 5,000-plus riders a week within its first few years. Cleveland was the next city to hop aboard in 2013, the first of over a dozen cities around the world including Chicago, Berlin, Minneapolis and Buffalo, to carry the Slow Roll movement into the streets.