2022 Schedule coming soon!

Rescheduled to Nov 1st Oct 25 @ HALLOWEEN Ride / Puplic square

Meet at 6:00PM - Ride at 7:00PM

Sadly, we must inform you that we've come to the end of the best season in Slow Roll Cleveland history. The good news is: there's still one more week of fun, and what fun it's going to be.

We're putting on our Halloween finery and swooping down like bats upon an unsuspecting Public Square in downtown next Monday. Costumes are STRONGLY encouraged, and prizes will be awarded for best costume(s)! Costumes that pair with bikes will definitely catch the judges eyes as well, and you might be asked to help decide the winners! So get down to Spirit Halloween or wherever and get ready to SLAY ROLL.

We're meeting not in the fountain area on the south end of the square traditionally used by Cleveland Critical Mass, but in the north end of the square, near the statue of legendary former Cleveland mayor Tom Johnson.

You know the drill by now: LIGHTS! TIRES! BRAKES! Etc. We're not going to trick you: parking will be tough. But we'll send out a map of downtown parking areas next Monday if you need a little help.

It's gonna be a good one, so don't miss it.

Oct 18 @ Whiskey Island - Wendy Park

Meet at 6:00PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We'll ride out of Wendy Park in Whiskey Island. To get there, you'll head for Edgewater and hang a right at the roundabout. The park recently underwent a multi-million-dollar series of improvements to connect it to both Edgewater and The Flats; if you only visited during the days where Whiskey Island Drive turned into a dusty gravel trail, you'll be amazed when you see what Metroparks has done to the place.

We ride at 7 PM. Gather anytime you want; lakeshore views will be spectacular. You can park in Wendy Park's lot or at Edgewater, and it's easier than ever to ride your bike in. We'll give you specific meetup instructions in a later post.

The Bright Parade: you've been looking outstanding at night, crew. Night rides always feel a little bit different, but with so many of us showing up lit head to toe this year, it feels a little like the Electrical Parade at Disneyland. It's a cheerful sight on city streets as the season bends toward early nights. Keep it up!

Oct 11 @ Toby's Plaza - University Circle

Meet at 6:00PM - Ride at 7:00PM

Only three rides left in 2021, and Slow Roll is heading back east this week, to the corner of Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road. Toby's Plaza, nestled next to the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, is the starting point of this week's ride; gather starting at 6 PM for a 7 PM roll-out.

Toby's Plaza -- named after local philanthropist and art collector Toby Devan Lewis, serves as a sort of public nexus point between art, commerce and academia. Surrounding you will be gleaming new condos and entertainment complexes, built in the shadows of the great university that sits nearby. The museum serves as a centerpiece for the area, and also for this week's ride.

It will be dark. This week's ride from MetroHealth Ohio City was shrouded in dusk from the first minute, but we still managed to enjoy an almost stress-free ride through Cleveland West Side neighborhoods. Light your bike up! It's time to be visible and seen.

We'd like to take a moment to thank our presenting partner, MetroHealth, for the great year we've had with them. We endured a rainout and a near-rainout just to get their events in, but we still managed to bring out hundreds of people to hear about the hospital's projects and community engagement efforts. We hope to keep this relationship rolling in 2022!

Don' forget bike lights!

Oct 4 @ MetroHealth - Ohio City - 4757 Lorain Ave.

Meet at 6:00PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We move into October, and continue to smash ridership records every week, following the 260+ Slow Rollers who came out last Monday. If you enjoyed that ride, you'll probably enjoy this one, too, since we're only moving about a half mile down Lorain Avenue to MetroHealth's gleaming new Ohio City Health Center.

Located in the Urban Community School complex, the new health center serves a vital role in serving the health needs of residents from all economic backgrounds in this quickly changing part of our city. We'll have a speaker from MetroHealth on hand before the ride to explain the role played by the new health center.

Our route this week will be almost entirely different from last week's route, so don't worry about getting bored. There's plenty to explore in this part of Cleveland.

Bike lights are a must, and well-lit bikes in general are strongly encouraged; our rides are dark this time of year and we make a bright parade as we ride through the city, which both keeps us safer and makes us look cool.

Sept 27th @ Frank Novak Park - Ohio City

Meet at 6:00PM - Ride at 7:00PM

The ride this week will start from Frank Novak Park 1900 W. 38th St, a triangle of shade and green that adjoins the Cleveland Public Library's Carnegie West Branch, an even larger triangle bounded by W. 38th Street, Fulton Road and Bridge Avenue in Ohio City.

The library is open until 6 PM! Get there early and check out a book or two. We ride at 7 PM, as usual.

Light up those bikes! It's quite dark on our rides now, even in the beginning. We can't do anything about the seasons, but we can make ourselves bright and visible. Talk to your local bike shop if you need help rigging your ride with running lights.

Don' forget bike lights!

Sept 20th @ Lincoln Park - Tremont

Meet at 6:00PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We've got six rides to go in 2020, starting with Monday's trip to Lincoln Park in historic Tremont.

We've had numerous memorable rides from this location, including our 200th ride in 2017 (we're creeping up on #300, but won't hit that mark until early 2022), which was, coincidentally, our first ride to break the 200 mark, something we now do almost every time we ride.

We'll start from the bandshell, of course, because where else would you tell people to meet you in Lincoln Park than in the middle? Gather anytime after 6 PM for a 7 PM rideout; ample parking is provided: everywhere.

Light up those bikes! We loved seeing all the wheel lights and razzle dazzle last week in Slavic Village! Let's keep that going! You looked really _great_ and if you haven't seen any of the videos posted in the Slow Roll discussion group, go take a look.

link>> Bike Tips!

Don' forget bike lights!

Sept 13th @ Slavic Village

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We're back from a week off and now we're set to ride through the end of the season, uninterrupted. This week marks a return to Slavic Village for the first of seven straight weeks of Slow Roll.

We're meeting this week at MetroHealth's Broadway Health Center, located behind the Broadway Shoppes shopping center off Broadway, and more directly, accessible from Aetna Avenue. Same time as always, 7 PM, so get there anytime after 6 PM to not create stress or congestion for staff as they close up shop for the day.

We are now mostly a night-time ride; dress your bike accordingly. Bright lights and bright clothes are going to be an asset for us from here on out, as the sun sets before 8 PM this time of year.

Also, Slavic Village can sometimes be rife with potholes and other hazards of the road. Please bring a tube that you know fits your bike, and also perform an ABC bike check before you leave for the ride:

link>> Bike Tips!

Don' forget bike lights!

Aug 30th @ Garfield Park Reservation

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We're expecting dry conditions and mild temperatures (think upper 70s) for our weekly casual bike ride of friendship and urban exploration, Slow Roll Week Nine: Garfield Reservation. Come on out to the southern border of our city and ride along with us!

We're excited to try out a brand new starting point for the ride tonight, with a route that travels through plenty of new-to-Slow Roll areas; we'll try to stick mostly to Cleveland to live up to the name of the ride, but we may dart here and there into (and start out from) Garfield Heights.

We're starting from (or near) the Old Birch Picnic Area and its adjoining parking lot (circled on the map). This area is accessible from the main entrance to Garfield Park Reservation off Broadway. Note the large parking lot closer to the Broadway entrance; consider that overflow parking in case the Old Birch lot is full.

We note this is a new location with plenty of room for unexpected adventures getting to the ride itself, so give yourself a little extra time if you've got it. If you can do it, arrive early and enjoy the beautiful park, truly one of Cleveland's hidden jewels.

It's going to be getting dark earlier every week from here on out, and this week does defy the time-space continuum, so please make sure you're well lit.

Aug 23rd @ E. 55 Marina featuring Cleveland Walls art installation

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We're heading back to the lake this Monday for our second-ever ride out of Cleveland's East 55th Street Marina. Lakefront rides always seem to bring out big crowds and good times and we think this week will be no exception.

While we're out riding around the east side of town, we'll be stopping to check out some of the work in progress for the Cleveland Walls! international mural event that kicks off the same day as the ride. Since it's just the first day we won't get to see much of the murals' final form, but we may catch a few artists at work. Check out the program here:

Aug 16th @ Mohican Playground Kamm's/Cudell

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

This Monday we're going a little further west, starting our ride at a favorite from past year's Slow Roll editions, Mohican Playground (or Mohican Park, depending on who you're asking), on Triskett Road near its intersection with Berea Road.

Where is this park located? Technically it sits at the border between Kamm's Corners and Jefferson, and directly adjacent to the West Boulevard neighborhood. It's right next to two I-90 exits, so it's easy to find, there's a ton of interesting industrial archeology to explore nearby, and the park itself has a big parking lot and plenty of room to gather. Nothing to dislike there. Veteran Slow Rollers will remember this as the site of the "refreshing mist" ride from a few years back when we were literally chased by a thundercloud to the end of the ride, which waited until we entered the park to begin dumping water on us.

Aug 9th @ MetroHealth Main Campus

Monday, we will meet at Metro Health's main campus on W. 25 in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood.

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

Metro will give a quick talk about the hospital's ongoing projects, including an update on their new main building, which you'll be able to see the major construction project from where we will gather.

PARKING is on W. 17th street (drive down Valentine Ave for access).

July 26 @ Waterloo Arts District - Waterloo Rd/ E. 156th

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

Tucked away in a sometimes forgotten corner of Cleveland, the Waterloo Arts District is an oasis of art and creation in our city. The main drag, Waterloo Road, is filled with quirky shops and art studios, and the surrounding neighborhoods are buoyed by lively wall murals and hidden surprises. The legendary Beachland Ballroom anchors the neighborhood, but there's so much more going on here than meets the eye.

Waterloo (and Collinwood in general) has long been one of our favorite stops along the Slow Roll trail, as it gives our riders an opportunity to explore an area they might be otherwise unfamiliar with. We'll see the usual sights -- Waterloo Road's jumble of color and shapes, an evening spin past the Cleveland script sign at lake's edge in Euclid Beach Park -- but hopefully we'll throw in a few surprises as well.

We will meet beginning at 6 PM near the corner of E. 156nd and Waterloo; the small plaza on the corner may be too crowded to fit us all these days, so we will be overflowing to the parking lot behind the square. There's street parking and a few free parking lots in the area.

July 19 @ Mall A/B - Fountain of Eternal Life

Monday, we will meet at the Fountain of Eternal Life in Mall B.

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

Located right Downtown one block away from Public Square.

Street and garage parking is available throughout the area.

July 12 @ MetroHealth Main Campus

Monday, we will meet at Metro Health's main campus on W. 25 in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood.

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

Metro will give a quick talk about the hospital's ongoing projects, including an update on their new main building, which you'll be able to see the major construction project from where we will gather.

PARKING is on W. 17th street (drive down Valentine Ave for access).

June 28 @ Edgewater

Monday, we return to the shores of Lake Erie, specifically Edgewater Park - Cleveland Metroparks, where we've traditionally had some of our most popular rides in the past.

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

We will meet by the Edgewater Fishing Pier and its surrounding parking lot (right side of the park).

JUNE 21 @ Nord Family Greenway

Juneteenth Celebration

We will be making historic stops along the route and feature 4 guest speakers.

Meet at 6:30PM - Ride at 7:00PM

The meeting location Nord Family Greenway is off MLK Blvd, Near the Cleveland Museum of Art. There are various street parking and garage parking options along Wade Lagoon, Wade Oval, East Blvd, Juniper etc., Don't hesitate to park a block out and ride in =)

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